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These pictures are the best I have had. Thank you. They are amazing.

Jan 2017 Family photoshoot

We've had the chance to think about feedback:

To be honest, we tried to find some constructive criticism but couldn't think of anything you could've improved on (other than maybe the heating!)

From my first enquiry, you found a suitable venue, close to us, when I asked about Kobie you checked and confirmed we could bring him.  You made the booking promptly.

You gave good advice about what we should wear - not too many busy designs, co-ordinate the colours etc.

You got to the venue before us, to be ready when we arrived.

You had ideas about what photos to do where and which ones to do first.

You led the whole session, so we didn't have to think about what pictures we should have, but we still felt we could ask for particular photos if we wanted to.

You didn't rush.

Caroline particularly liked the way you took some spontaneous photos when we weren't expecting them!

You made good use of the lighting etc and certainly know what you're doing!

Then you put a lot of the photos online very quickly.

The website you use looks very professional.

We like the way the photos have been set out on the website

It's lovely to have the black and white ones too - that's a nice extra touch.

I had a shoot with Andrew the other day at Red House Farm near Colchester. Pre shoot comms were excellent and Andrew provided me with all the info I need well ahead of time. On meeting, Andrew is super lovely and so easy to work with. You can tell he loves his photography and takes great pride in the images he produces. I really enjoyed our shot together and cant recommend him highly enough.

Today I had my second shoot with the lovely Andrew who was on time full of energy and ideas

The weather wasn't what we'd hoped but we worked together to create some great images. Andrew is a lovely guy with a great eye for photography and he's super easy to work with.

I really enjoyed both our shoots and highly recommend him

Just got home from London, working with Andrew, and wow, what an amazing day in a beautiful location and a great photographer.

Andrew was there to meet me, and as soon as we met the atmosphere was very relaxed. We walked round the ground and knew what each one was thinking which made the shooting fun.

Andrew is a great man with a great eye for detail, choosing great spots on location.

The day could not have gone any better.

Thank you so much for working with me.

From planning the shoot till shoot day an excellently managed and directed shoot.

Andrew knew exactly what he wanted to shoot from the start till finish.

It has been a long while since shooting with Andrew and well worth the wait.

New styles were tried on location in the woods nearby with getting lost and also at home with new set ups in the house.

Seeing a preview of the images were absolutely stunning and I can't wait for the finished result.

Thanks Andrew and looking forward to the next shoot 

Worked with Andrew at a studio in Brixton last week - he booked me for fashion, mainly dresses, heels - the location was fantastic - a studio space with windows too, and downstairs a bar set with a pool table. The time flew by - Andrew is super lovely to work with - chatty, easy to get on with, not to mention easy to work with - he was super open to my ideas and interpretation too, so ideas just flowed. He kindly gave me a lift back home afterwards too. Highly recommended & would love to work with him again.. thank you x

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